Stall Holder Profile: Sir Juice Me

Sir Juice Me

0412 649 404
Geof Harland

Sir Juice Me make freshly prepared and seasonal fruit juices and some vegetable mixes.

Modelled on a marketing concept well known throughout Spain, more than 12 varieties of juice are prepared and appealingly displayed on ice, ready to go.

Exciting new fruit & veg recipes are always being added to the range with many new mixes, including:

  • Tropical Madness (mango/pineapple/apple/rockmelon/orange)
  • Coco-Raz (raspberry/apple/coconut)
  • Pink Lemonade (watermelon/apple/old fashioned lemonade)
  • Detox (beetroot/apple)
  • CAG (carrot/apple/ginger)

to name just a few.

Don’t miss out on a fresh fruit & veg juice from Sir Juice Me at the HARVEST on Saturday 17th March.


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