Stall Holder Profile: South Coast Dairy

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Fiona Brown — Customer Relations

Six years ago the dairy farmers of the Berry Rural Co-operative Society ventured out to produce and supply the freshest dairy products of the highest quality to the local South Coast market.

The Berry Co-op celebrated its centenary last year. The farmers of the Berry Co-op boast generations of family involvement in dairying. To them, dairy farming is not just a job – it’s a passion.

The South Coast is an ideal environment for the dairy industry. Their carefully selected herds are nurtured on arguably some of the richest pastures to be found anywhere inAustralia, and tended by equally devoted farmers who really care about the health and wellbeing of their herds. These key advantages result in premium quality milk full of flavour and natural goodness.

South Coast Milk

The South Coast Dairy brand has grown rapidly over the six years and now has products available in Woolworths and Coles and IGA supermarkets chains, and small convenience stores as well as used by over 40 cafes and restaurants on the South Coast. Later this year they will commence construction of their own bottling plant in Berry.

The South Coast Dairy stall at the HARVEST will be issuing a taste challenge to everyone at the event — can you taste the difference between South Coast milk and mass produced “$1 a litre supermarket milk”? You will also be able to taste their range of South Coast Dairy yoghurts.

Highland Organic Cheese logo

South Coast Dairy is also a distributor for Highland Organic Cheese from Moss Vale. Highland Organic Cheese is handmade using milk produced on the Smilie family certified organic farms in east Nowra and Moss Vale. They will have cheese tasting and sales.

Recently, South Coast Dairy became distributors for Macquarie Valley juices from Mudgee we will also be selling small bottled juices and juice ice blocks at the HARVEST.

Make sure you spend some time at the South Coast Dairy stall on Saturday 17 March.


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