2017 Guest Speakers

Fair Food within communities is a focus of the Southeast Harvest. This includes honouring the traditions and knowledge of our First Farmers.

John Newton, author of “The Oldest Foods on Earth”, one of our key speakers at the festival in 2017, has shared some important information on how to do this in the form of two PDF documents available for free distribution.

“Know your rights to your Aboriginal plant knowledge: A guide for Aboriginal knowledge holders on recording and commercialising Aboriginal plant knowledge”


“An inclusive governance framework for bush food commercialisation”.

The work to restore and redevelop Aboriginal agriculture must be done with respect and recognition of the traditional bearers of the knowledge.

Click the images below to download the documents.

John’s book “The Oldest Foods on Earth” is available to purchase now at Moruya Books and will also be available for sale at their stall at the Southeast Harvest on 1st April.






You can also pick up books by story-teller Bruce Pascoe from Moruya Books and come to the festival on 1st April to learn more from him…

Bruce Pascoe – a Senior Bunurong/Yuin man, is a member of the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative of southern Victoria. Bruce is also a farmer and a part of Gurandgi Munjie Food Company (Yuin country) which has been growing murrnong yams for five years, as well as  two Indigenous grains; kangaroo grass and native millet.

Bruce is the author of  29 books including the award-winning Dark Emu, Black Seeds – Agriculture or Accident in which he draws on evidence from the journals and papers of early explorers and pastoralists to show that Australia’s First Nation peoples were indeed farmers.

This book will change your whole perspective about this land’s history.

Find out more in this PiP magazine article by Bruce written in 2016.

AND come and learn more from Bruce in our speakers program at the Showground Pavilion, Moruya Showgrounds, Saturday 1st April 2017.