About SEH

The Southeast HARVEST regional food festival’s origins date back to 2009 and it is now conducted under the auspices of Sustainable Agriculture & Gardening Eurobodalla (SAGE).


The SAGE Project is a community driven initiative that is being developed as an education and demonstration site for sustainable agricultural and horticultural practices.

The facility has already demonstrated wide ranging community benefits such as the gaining of food production and preparation knowledge, enhancing the sense of community in the shire, the production of good food for those in need in our community and the development of sound horticultural skills to increase employment or self-employment prospects for job seekers. The project will also help in increasing local food security.

In 2010, SAGE agreed to take on the promotion of the Southeast HARVEST as a natural extension of their aims and objectives and have endeavoured to expand the scope of the event to include the surrounding regions.

The objectives of the Southeast HARVEST regional food festival are:

  • To communally enjoy and share the seasonal harvest.
  • To promote sustainable food production techniques and products.
  • To raise community awareness around sustainable food practice.
  • To demonstrate and share wholesome food preparation and cooking techniques and recipes.

All of these objectives are addressed with optimism for the future of local food production in the south eastern region of NSW and the ambition of achieving greater resilience in the face of a rapidly changing world.